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Novus Server: Low
Chip Wars: Empty
Sette Desert: Low

Total Players Today: 403
Chipwar Winner: Bellato

Accretian Chip HP: 100%
Bellato Chip HP: 97%
Cora Chip HP: 0%

Novus Login online
Novus World online
Novus Voice online
Novus Cloud online

Novus Time04:45

Chipwar 12h : 14m
Chipwar 210h : 14m
Chipwar 318h : 14m

Exp Rate: 2000x
Drop Rate: 10x
Max Level: 250
Gold Cap: 2 Bill
Version: 3.1.5

New exciting features Giveaways, Lottery and Premium Services in our Account Mangement section.
Face off with friends to kill World Bosses, Raid Bosses and other forces of darkness.
Explore the World with Endless days of Content threw the Ascension System.
Recruit your friends to join the epic battles you and your friends both get free GP.

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[Release] - New Additions
Posted on 18 Aug 2014 by [Developer] Outlaw
- Exp Beads added to every leveling monster 65-250 each will add 10% exp stacking up to 100% 10 min rental charms with a 5% drop chance.
- World bosses have a 100% chance to drop 2 10% 30 min rental charms.
- 100% Exp Bead Sets with 1 hr rental added to Game CP.
- Drop Rate potions added to Game CP.
- Increase Exp Rate Potions added to Game CP.
[Notice] - Charms and Generators
Posted on 17 Aug 2014 by [Developer] Outlaw
Due to player feedback, and through testing, we have found that the effects of the generators and charms are not stackable. If you have purchased more than 1 of a given type of AP Generators or Charms please enter a helpdesk ticket with a list of the Generators/Charms you would like removed and you will be provided with a refund of the AP that you spent on them. Sorry for any inconvenience. It is through your feedback we can make the game more enjoyable. Thank you!

Please use Helpdesk to make the ticket under [Support] Ascension Shop and allow 24-48 hours for request to be completed
[Notice] - Log in Issue
Posted on 02 Aug 2014 by [Event GM] Hellz Child
If you are having issues and can not log in. Clear your cache and cookies in Internet Explorer this should resolve your issue.

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