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Novus Server: Low
Chip Wars: Empty
Sette Desert: Low

Total Players Today: 338
Chipwar Winner: Bellato

Accretian Chip HP: 100%
Bellato Chip HP: 100%
Cora Chip HP: 0%

Novus Login online
Novus World online
Novus Voice online
Novus Cloud online

Novus Time19:38

Chipwar 111h : 21m
Chipwar 219h : 21m
Chipwar 33h : 21m

Exp Rate: 2000x
Drop Rate: 10x
Max Level: 250
Gold Cap: 2 Bill
Version: 3.1.5

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Face off with friends to kill World Bosses, Raid Bosses and other forces of darkness.
Explore the World with Endless days of Content threw the Ascension System.
Recruit your friends to join the epic battles you and your friends both get free GP.

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[Notice] - Ascension Shop Generators and Ascension Shop Charms
Posted on 20 Jul 2014 by [Event GM] Hellz Child
-Ascension Shop Generators and Ascension Shop Charms have been improved to give players a lot more BANG for there AP point.
- If you have Ascension Shop Generators and Ascension Shop Charms DO NOT BUY the ones in game.

*Example I have 2 Burst Generators from the AP shop*
*I SHOULD NOT BUY the in game burst generators.*

The idea is to get the AP shop charms and generators so you don't have to buy the in game ones all the time.The AP shop charms and generators add a lot more bonus then the in game ones. But when you have AP shop gens and charms and add the in game ones you reduce the effect of the AP shop bought charms and generators.
[Hotfix] - A call to Ascendance hotfix #28
Posted on 28 Jun 2014 by [Developer] Outlaw
- Fixed CPT Adjustment system so it doesn't happen before voting.
- Elan Transport vendor so it sells elf land scrolls and no more mysterious isle scrolls.
- Strikers Distance on ALL Siege kits reduced by 10%.
- Morrigan Summon Damage Reduced by 10% damage.
- Maus Defense Adjusted for better pvp and balance
- Exp Permanently raised from 1500x to 2000x to make it more of a pvp server.
[Event] - HQ Farm Event
Posted on 23 Jun 2014 by [Event GM] Hellz Child
Chooties are skilled in the art of leveling.
Kill them and find out what secrets they hold.

Farm Event will be starting in all HQ`s
(Event will be all day long 6/23 - 6/24 server time)

Prize* 1% exp potions and other goodies.

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