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Novus Server: Low
Chip Wars: Low
Sette Desert: Low

Total Players Today: 89
Chipwar Winner: Accretia

Accretian Chip HP: 100%
Bellato Chip HP: 100%
Cora Chip HP: 0%

Novus Login online
Novus World online
Novus Voice online
Novus Cloud online

Novus Time07:29

Chipwar 123h : 30m
Chipwar 27h : 30m
Chipwar 315h : 30m

Exp Rate: 2000x
Drop Rate: 10x
Max Level: 250
Gold Cap: 2 Bill
Version: 3.1.5

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Face off with friends to kill World Bosses, Raid Bosses and other forces of darkness.
Explore the World with Endless days of Content threw the Ascension System.
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Founded on October 16th 2008
[Hotfix] - A call to Ascendance hotfix #30
Posted on 10 Mar 2015 by [Developer] Outlaw
-Fixed Dagnu so he can actually tank (If there is still issues please contact helpdesk)
-Fixed Strikers so they miss less often please make sure if your a striker to be using Siege Mastery and a Kit with burst pots.
-Fixed a Third Class combo that caused FP to roll over *Chandra > Holy Chandra > Driver*
-Increase Cast Delay on Spells so its more of a level playing field between casters and other classes as casters were putting out significantly more dps compared to other classes in some cases 2x-3x the dmg amount over time.
[Notice] - Services Restored
Posted on 31 Jan 2015 by [Developer] Outlaw
Server has been relocated successfully and maintenance is complete as well players can go ahead and begin playing again thanks for all your time and patience.
[Notice] - Service Maintaince
Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by [Developer] Outlaw
Services will be unavailable from 8am - 8pm EST Time on Saturday January 31st. This Maintenance will affect the following services Website, Team speak, Game Servers, Login Services and Account Control Panel.

Unfortunately this is mandatory and the time frames are estimates for when service will not be available however this may change within reasonable time depending on the speed of the tasks we need to preform as a Server Relocation will be part of the process.

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